Thank You

“ Thank you! ”


Celebrating 25 Years of Choral Excellence with hearts of gratitude!


The journey of the Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) Choir began as a school performing arts extra-curricular activity in 1977.  Since its inception into the Ministry of Education’s Choral Excellence Programme in 1989, the ACJC Choir has grown to be one of the most internationally renowned and decorated school youth choirs in Singapore.

The growth of the choir would not have been possible without the inspired vision and continued endorsement of generations of ACJC school leaders; the selfless dedication of the conductors and choir teachers-teams; the warm and ready support of ACJC parents and staff, the generous sharing of music from conductors and composers all over the owrd, the unwavering goodwill of alumni – young and younger, batches of enthusiastic and passionate choristers who gave of themselves to discover, xplore and grow through music-making, and the love and encouragement of all our families.

But most of all, we thank God – for having first given us the gift of music and the instrument of the human voice with which we could paint tales and soundscapes, and to continue a tradition of shared pride and heritage as one ACJC Choir family to bless and not merely to impress.

If this is your first ACJC Choir concert, we thank YOU too for your interest and presence, and we sincerely hope to make a new friend in you this evening through music.

On behalf of the Family of ACJC Choristers – Thank You!