Live Recordings

Christmas Music

Gaudetes Omnes – by Hieronymus Praetorius

Joy to the World – Arr. by John Rutter

Marias Vaggvisa – Arr. by Fredik Sixten, Fran Gruber

The Christ Child – by Gabriel Jackson

Other Choral Music

Dobbin’s Flowery Vale – Arr. by Matti Kallio

Kaisa Isa Niyan – Arr. by Nilo Alcala

Söt Blomma – Arr. by Gunnar Eriksson
Melody & Lyrics by: Fritz Sjöström

Gjendines Badnlat – Arr. by Gunnar Eriksson

Spring Dreams – by Chen Yi

Pater Noster – by Vytautas Miskinis

Kang Ding Love Song – Arr. by Valarie Wilson